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MaMa Tool -
collaboration for circular economy

Material Maintenance MaMa Oy offer an innovative material maintenance solution MaMa Tool. MaMa is a cloud based service that gathers all information about the materials used in interiors and offers maintenance information in a structured way throughout the supply and use chain.

MaMa Tool promotes the  circular economy and sustainability. For end customers this becomes visible when all interiors, well maintained, look as if they were new.

MaMa allows smooth collaboration between all stakeholders in shipbuilding and maintenance.

User friendly interfaces can be tailored to make information easily accessible for different users.

What & why?

MaMa - what and why?

Why Choose Us?

Minimize waste

The leading professionals in material maintenance

Award Winning

Structured data

MaMa also enables efficiency in scheduling, as all data can be used in future planning and decision making.

It extends the life cycle of cruise ship interiors and promotes sustainable development in the cruise business.

Our team has decades of experience in cruise line, ferry line, vessel and icebreaker interiors, including numerous new building and refurbishment projects for:

  • Carnival Corporation & PLC

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises

  • Finnlines

  • Tallink Grupp

  • Viking Line

We won the Ultrahack Hackathon prize in Turku Finland with this application model in 2018.

MaMa minimizes waste and allows seam­less and effective collaboration between the whole community involved in the building and use of cruise ships.

It is both an economic and ecological solution. It reduces manual work and creates

repeat­ability in renovation, spare parts maintenance, and the recycling and utilization of surplus materials.

MaMa Structured data
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We want to achieve better world around us so we have created circular economy solutions to really make a change in construction sector.

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